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"[Refining site] looks great! A vast improvement from a few years ago. I was impressed when I reviewed it for Hydrocarbon Processing magazine and you have greatly improved it since then. Congratulations!"
William R. Crowley
Competitive Analysis Technologies

Case Studies

Astron International is pleased to have enjoyed the first commercial implementation of .NET in Houston and has served many satisfied clients. Click on any link below for details of the situations evaluated and the solutions provided.
BASF Refinery Profile - A Digital Business Case Study - A technical service Web application enabling petroleum refiners to view and chart their FCC catalyst analyses securely online and for the supplier's technical service engineers to analyze data worldwide. The application integrates with BASF's LIMS system to provide real-time data updates.
FCC Operations Benchmarking: A Valuable Tool for Identifying Opportunities for Improved Profitability - BASF Corporation, Catalysts Division has an extensive and continually growing database of FCC operating data and equilibrium catalyst (ECat) test results from the worldwide refining industry. In order to enable its technical service engineers to extract valuable information from this database BASF worked with Astron International, Inc. to develop a powerful Web based FCC benchmarking application. This application allows BASF to easily manage, update, search, and produce charts and reports that clearly show important shifts in FCC operation due to catalyst, technology, or feedstock changes and identify opportunities for improving unit performance. The linked NPRA paper co-authored with Astron International presents insights derived from the the FCC benchmarking application.
Refinery Technical Service Site
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 Case Studies
BASF Refinery Profile - A Digital Business Case Study
Astron International co-authors NPRA paper with BASF
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