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"In the competitive market of process chemical treatment, getting information to our sales force globally can be the difference between success and not getting the order. Using the web site developed by Astron International, we are able to increase the quantity and quality of information our sales people have access to."
Harold Eggert
Manager, Refinery Technology
GE Water & Process Technologies


Project Management is a paramount consideration at Astron International. We realize that a successful development project begins with a solid plan that is managed by an experienced Project Manager.

At Astron International, we fully endorse the concept of Phased Development. We believe that if a project can be broken down into phases it becomes more manageable, and it is easier to keep the project on track. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver a solution that is predicable with an investment that can be anticipated.

To help our customers stay abreast of their project development, Astron offers an on-line service called the "Client Center". Clients can track progress, share documents and schedule project-related meetings via this effective management resource.

Astron International's unique development model allows us to improve the value of your solution without exceeding traditional project development costs by combining strong project management, industry expertise and design services with quality development resources.

Astron International's project execution methodology comprises of the following steps:  

Analysis and Design
Development of Beta Site
Client Review of Beta Site
Development of Production Site
Final Testing and Deployment
  Projects at Astron International begin with an Analysis and Design phase. In this critical phase we work closely with you to fully understand your needs and requirements. We take this knowledge and turn it into a Beta (Static) Site for your review and approval. We fully realize that in order for you to make a sound judgment as to the ability of our solution to fulfill your needs you must see it in action. That is why we go the extra mile and create your Beta (Static) Site in .NET. This not only gives you an excellent representation of the functionality, but this approach allows us to reuse the effort as we develop the production solution. Once the Beta (Static) Site is approved we can begin the Development phase of the project. In this phase we will turn the Beta (Static) Site into reality by employing all of the available tools and resources. The process does not stop there; after the solution has been developed we complete the final testing
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