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"Refiners stand to benefit the most from OilMonitor. They can view, analyze and download comprehensive crude oil data for timely modeling and analysis."

Hydrocarbon Processing April 1999

.NET Expertise

Astron International's solutions are based on Microsoft's .NET technologies and provide a proven foundation for leveraging existing IT infrastructure to build reliable, scalable and secure Web based applications that allow customers, partners, suppliers and employees to access data and each other.

Today's enterprises are made up of data. In order to capture profits you must make this data available where and when it is needed.

In a typical solution, on one side we have the enterprise, and the other side we have a delivery vehicle such as a browser. The solution is strategically positioned as a set of resources that help us bridge the two. With a reliable set of components and processes we can help you deliver the information that you need to your clients, vendors and employees.

There are several major benefits to employing Astron International's .Net expertise:  
It has the flexibility to leverage your existing assets
Reduced development costs and increased reliability are realized by using the already available core group of building blocks as a development base
The flexible design architecture provides the ability to adapt to your changing business and technology needs
Based on industry standard Microsoft .NET technologies, is the solutions are reliable, secure and scalable
The solutions are well positioned to meet your current business goals and with a forward thinking design, it is possible to anticipate your needs and support your long-term vision
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